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Book Crates for Grace

Gracie’s bedroom has sat undecorated since we moved in. Poor girl had her room painted and then…nothing. It’s time to work on Grace’s room. I’ve been gathering ideas for two years and I’ve finally settled on a few details. One must was book shelves. I had a hard time finding a ready-made shelf that I … Continue reading »

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From to Just Right

My first plan was all wrong. I thought about it for months and then when I got right down to make it…fail!   So I headed to plan B, which didn’t include any of the original supplies – so basically scratch! Laid out the plan on the wall Purchased wood: 3 3.5” x 36” boards … Continue reading »

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A Significant Stamp

                                    Last couple weeks my mom has been helping her siblings clean out my grandma and grandpa’s apartment. It has been over 2 years since Grandma died and now Grandpa is being moved into Memory Care.  They have … Continue reading »

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Art Prints inspired by Baby E

Remember a while back when I was planning and scheming a wall art for Baby E? Well I finally have some drafts done and I’m so glad my bestie Erin loves them. It’s time to fill up this adorable striped but blank wall.  Erin provided me with the three quotes she wanted for word art. She … Continue reading »

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