Book Crates for Grace

Gracie’s bedroom has sat undecorated since we moved in. Poor girl had her room painted and then…nothing. It’s time to work on Grace’s room. I’ve been gathering ideas for two years and I’ve finally settled on a few details. One must was book shelves. I had a hard time finding a ready-made shelf that I … Continue reading »

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Unsettling Our Space – Master Bedroom

Over two years in our home and sometimes I feel like we are still just getting settled. Wait that’s wrong. We are totally settled. We just got so busy cuddling into our couch, filling up all our closet space, and spreading our toys, germs and freezies with the neighbors that we forgot to make each … Continue reading »

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Happy Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, in this house, it is on the bottom of our favorites list. WHY?!?! 1. We hate scary 2. Orange….not a favorite color 3. Costumes….as a little girl I didn’t like dressing up (even though my mom made us great costumes) 4. Candy is overrated in my book…. (chips please) 5. The insides … Continue reading »

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Grace Fest

I can’t believe we are already at half a year. WOW! Time has just flown by…and yet, it is hard to remember life before Grace. Ellie sure can’t. She loves that little girl with all her heart. In honor of Grace’s half birthday I’d like to post some of our recent shots of Grace. They … Continue reading »

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