{Friday Favorites}-Motherhood!

Being a mom is hard. Being a parent is hard. But is it worth it?….Hellz Yes! Recently I went to get my hair cut (yes, I know same price to get them all cut) and the stylist said…”you know with all the stories I hear about labor and about raising kids I don’t know if … Continue reading »

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Tara’s Baby Shower

I can remember like yesterday sitting in Panera after a school open house with two fellow teachers and best friends, Tara and Erin. Without any warning Tara told us that after months of trying she and her husband were pregnant. We were elated. And at that moment the wheels started turning. Once she had her … Continue reading »

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Loving my EKB

Loving my EKB When I got home from the hospital with my teeny tiny little girl I found my 23 month old looked like a giant. It seemed in the 3 nights I spent in the hospital she had spent growing and maturing. Right now I can’t believe my baby girl #1 is my big … Continue reading »

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{Friday Favorites} – Safety First Bath Seat

 As we start out all over as parents we are unpacking many of the tools and equipment that helped us raise one happy little girl already. One item that we’ve retrieved from the depths of my parent’s attic but will still have to wait a bit to use is this Safety First Bath Seat. This … Continue reading »

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