Friday Favorites

{Friday Favorites} – Nook

I love to read and I love books – so how could I resist having a whole library of books at my fingertips. There are now lots of eReaders out there…so why should you pick the Nook… It’s a Barnes and Noble Product – LOVE THEM! It has the ability to download books from the … Continue reading »

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{Friday Favorites} – Safety First Bath Seat

 As we start out all over as parents we are unpacking many of the tools and equipment that helped us raise one happy little girl already. One item that we’ve retrieved from the depths of my parent’s attic but will still have to wait a bit to use is this Safety First Bath Seat. This … Continue reading »

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{Friday Favorites} – Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

  This Friday Favorite really sucks! J I couldn’t resist. I remember it clearly, because my life was forever changed. In September 2008, just before leaving for a vacation to Disney World Justin and I purchased a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I was 8 weeks pregnant with Ellie and utterly frustrated (no, it wasn’t the hormones) … Continue reading »

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{Friday Favorites} – Tombo Mono Adhesive

It’s Friday – time to share one of my favorite things. (Fridays on S.E.P. kind of make me feel like Oprah, except for the large audience, huge giveaways, and best friend name Gayle) Tombo Mono Adhesive. There are certain times in your life when you need to make a decision that will stick with you … Continue reading »

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