House for Sale

Thank you

The newest words to join Ellie’s English vocabulary are “Thank you”. I am quite excited and proud that she knows these two words. She knows to say “please” first (Pah) and then “thank you” (gank gu) when she gets what she has asked for. So she knows how to use the words properly but she … Continue reading »

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Kitchen Progress

Happy 4th of July!!!! Wow…we’ve been busy. A little over a week ago we closed on the houses (very stressful) and moved (very smooth). I would HIGHLY recommend “Two Men and a Truck” for moving services they were very professional, hardworking, respectful and actually fun. It was a great experience. Here is what the garage and basement … Continue reading »

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Right now

Right now| It’s moving day! (Well actually as I write this it is packing day, but it is moving day as you read this…unless of course you don’t visit my blog daily…then, well then you are all mixed up.) Right now| It’s hard not to smile. Right now| I have “Good Life” by One Republic … Continue reading »

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Packing up the Unfinished

As I slowly pack up my office I quickly become overwhelmed. It isn’t so much the task that is overwhelming or the fact that I want to make sure I pack the boxes as organized as possible. Nope.  So what is overwhelming? The amount of unfinished projects I am finding in the recesses of my … Continue reading »

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