House for Sale

Notifying our movement

When Justin suggested the idea of moving to me back in February I had two instant thoughts. “What the *beep* is he thinking…I’m 8 months pregnant!” and “I can’t wait to design the “we’ve moved” notes!” It just so happens that a few years ago I designed a sample of a moving note that I … Continue reading »

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An Organizers Dream…

Well it looks like a move is in our future. We are waiting on all pieces of the buying selling puzzle to fall into place and then my organizing brain can go into overdrive. Let’s be honest…it already is in overdrive. I’m having visions of color coordinating, labeling and photos…lots and lots of photos. As … Continue reading »

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“We need to talk.”

Every couple has their own language both verbal and nonverbal. This summer Justin and I will have been together for 11 years. We for sure have a language and most of the time can read each other’s minds. It’s a very good thing. One phrase in our language is “We need to talk”. Now in … Continue reading »

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