Somebody Else’s Project


First there was Ben-ifer and then Bragelina….but my favorite couple is Maudra (Matt + Audra). Matt is the brother of my dear friend Sarah (of Our Old House Fame). They planned a destination wedding for the winter of 2006 in Riviera Maya, Mexico. This was the first destination wedding I got to work on. It … Continue reading »

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60 Years – What an inspiration!

Grandma and Grandpa were the ever example of Love. Many of my memories of them together involve smiling and sneaking kisses from each other. This doesn’t mean they didn’t disagree, they are both very opinionated. But they could always agree on their love and respect for each other. Grandma was known for being able to … Continue reading »

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Showering Katie

I was raised Catholic and spent preschool – college in Catholic Schools. Then I graduated and I’ve worked in Catholic schools for the last nine years. I have very few friends who aren’t Catholic and many of my friends are church friends. I’ve belonged to the same parish my whole life. Church of St. Peter … Continue reading »

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The Evolution of a Go-Go Gift

Most of my projects don’t look a thing like they were imagined.  All of my projects start out with a vision, an image that keeps me up at night as I plan colors, photos, adhesives (what adhesives don’t keep you up at night?!?). None, or at least few turn out exactly how I pictured. Most … Continue reading »

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