Sorry…I’ve been busy

Hi. I know. I’ve been gone for a long time. September is a busy month when you work in a school. I’ve also shaken up some of our home routines. All in all I’m just plain exhausted. However, I haven’t completely fallen off the creative horse. I’m still at it. In fact, I have a … Continue reading »

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Creative Connections Conference – My new favorite blogs

Today rates as one of my the top ten days of my lifetime.  I attended the Twin Cities Creative Connections Conference in St. Paul.  I had so much fun. I’m a resident of the Twin Cities so I’m home for the evening. I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m kinda jealous of all the folks hanging out and networking back … Continue reading »

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Make it Fun & Don’t Rush

              As a parent I have basically three cards in my parenting tip arsenal. Make if Fun Don’t Rush Quick and Painful (Q&P) Although number 3, Q & P,  has its place, and don’t get me wrong I use it often, I much prefer the use of 1 and … Continue reading »

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Thank you

The newest words to join Ellie’s English vocabulary are “Thank you”. I am quite excited and proud that she knows these two words. She knows to say “please” first (Pah) and then “thank you” (gank gu) when she gets what she has asked for. So she knows how to use the words properly but she … Continue reading »

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