Right on time

Well, we are in the new house. I hope to have photos for you soon and stories of the move and settling process. I found this on the web and couldn’t help but think of how very true it is. You know so much has happened in the past three months…let’s take a look back….{flashback … Continue reading »

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Guest Post: The Evolution of a Go-Go Gift

Today I’m a guest on http://www.100kmom.blogspot.com/ Check it out!

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Right now

Right now| It’s moving day! (Well actually as I write this it is packing day, but it is moving day as you read this…unless of course you don’t visit my blog daily…then, well then you are all mixed up.) Right now| It’s hard not to smile. Right now| I have “Good Life” by One Republic … Continue reading »

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A little something to make you smile…

Justin was out of town last week for work. He goes out of town from time to time and we always miss him. Last week was particularly busy and the first time he was leaving now that we have two kids. The kids were nothing compared to the other happenings of the week. Lots was … Continue reading »

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