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60 Years – What an inspiration!

Grandma and Grandpa were the ever example of Love. Many of my memories of them together involve smiling and sneaking kisses from each other. This doesn’t mean they didn’t disagree, they are both very opinionated. But they could always agree on their love and respect for each other. Grandma was known for being able to … Continue reading »

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Make it Fun & Don’t Rush

              As a parent I have basically three cards in my parenting tip arsenal. Make if Fun Don’t Rush Quick and Painful (Q&P) Although number 3, Q & P,  has its place, and don’t get me wrong I use it often, I much prefer the use of 1 and … Continue reading »

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Master Bedroom

So if my father in law were the blogging type he would have already snatched up this domain (Somebody Else’s project). He is a busy and talented man. He is in the middle of an on again, off again relationship with retirement. He is currently working part time (although, to be honest I don’t think … Continue reading »

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