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{ List of Awesome } – 3.26.2011

Periodically, (I’m not making weekly promises because we are just setting me up for failure. In 10 days I will have a newborn so I can make no promises) I’d like to give you a list of awesome things I’ve read or looked at, mostly on the web. So…here it goes….this week’s list of awesome: … Continue reading »

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{Friday Favorites} – Neutrogena Wave

  TGIF – time to share with you another favorite product. Last week I shared with you my love for the Magic Eraser and the amazing job it did cleaning my home. I’m still walking around with one in my hand just looking for things to clean. This week I’d like to share with you … Continue reading »

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“We need to talk.”

Every couple has their own language both verbal and nonverbal. This summer Justin and I will have been together for 11 years. We for sure have a language and most of the time can read each other’s minds. It’s a very good thing. One phrase in our language is “We need to talk”. Now in … Continue reading »

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What do you save?

I’ve never seen the show Hoarders because the animal infestation and germ part gives me the “heeby geebies.” But I can relate to the idea of holding on to what others may call junk. I come from a ling of collectors. My Grandma Elouise grew up in the depression and her saving behavior spring from … Continue reading »

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