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Packing up the Unfinished

As I slowly pack up my office I quickly become overwhelmed. It isn’t so much the task that is overwhelming or the fact that I want to make sure I pack the boxes as organized as possible. Nope.  So what is overwhelming? The amount of unfinished projects I am finding in the recesses of my … Continue reading »

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Guest Post: An Organized Move

Wait…..what happened? My blogging flow has been intrrupted by the move. Sorry about that Yesterday I was a guest on Check it out! Take a look at Sarah’s previous posts too. Her remodel is amazing!!! So are her plans as she unpacks and starts living in her beautiful home. Thanks for inviting me to … Continue reading »

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Address stamps

So I need to pick out return address stamps for us now that we will be in a new house. I’m having a hard time knowing what direction I want to go with this stamp. Classic? Fun? Flirty? Professional? Here are a few I’ve found on Etsy…what do you think? I’d appreciate your input.

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Notifying our movement

When Justin suggested the idea of moving to me back in February I had two instant thoughts. “What the *beep* is he thinking…I’m 8 months pregnant!” and “I can’t wait to design the “we’ve moved” notes!” It just so happens that a few years ago I designed a sample of a moving note that I … Continue reading »

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