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Posted by on August 24, 2011

This post is about two things I love…ok I just added another, three things: Organizing, Grocery Shopping and Lists.

Since moving in June I’ve dreaded grocery shopping. I finally figured out why…I don’t know where anything is!!!!! In our old house we did our grocery shopping at a Super Target. Well folks, brace yourself, “our” new Target isn’t “Super”. I know…deep breaths. It does have groceries just not the variety of a “Super”. We can deal. The layout of this store is like no Target I’ve seen before. I haven’t had a chance to just acclimate myself to the store. Browsing at Target with my two little helpers isn’t very…helpful.  So between some errands last week I snuck into (don’t worry they were open) Target and went through the grocery lanes noting where everything was. Last night I put together a Grocery list organizer.

I knew my old Target (you know the Super one) like the back of my hand. So when I made my grocery list I was able to easily organize my items in the order I would encounter them in the store. I think it is going to be awhile before I can fully adapt to this new environment and operate on this higher level of shopping. So I created my own organizer. This list is broken the store into categories as they appear in my natural path through the store.

The bottom half of this organizer is for other errands. Each column can list shopping list for each stop on your trip out. I think I am going to look into having each of these made into notepads.

Ok so let’s review.

          Three things I love: Organizing, Grocery Shopping and Lists

          I was able to go into a Target without buying anything. Although I did walk around with a notebook and pen like a dork.

          I’ve included a PDF of my shopping organizer incase you are a freak like me….and/or you shop at the Shakopee Target.

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