{To Do List Tuesday} – 8.30.11

Posted by on August 30, 2011


I did it! I completed everything that was on my list for this week AND a few extras. A big task that was completed this week was the Great Office Exchange. Yep, that is right. I gave up my beautiful main floor office with the adorable triple windows for my husband. It turns out he needed to be pluged right into our network instead of working wirelessly. Something about the time it took to transfer files over the network….yadda yadda yadda. ANYWAYS. We did it. Thanks to the help of my parents (they watched the girls) we were to make the switch. I miss my cute windows and double french doors…but I do have more space and the layout is great. Now I just have to unpack my two big bins of misc. junk. Good thing I wasn’t fully moved into the other office. As soon as I make this office pretty I’ll post photos.



To Do: (last week’s)

– Create some custom notepads that can be used for making grocery lists and other shopping lists. DONE!

– Send thank you notes    DONE!

– Organize a get together for the neighbors around us (Fence warming party)   DONE! (Sept. 10th)

– Schedule care for Ellie and Grace in September DONE! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa

– Make some online purchases (sound fun right?!) DONE! I bought three address stamps (each of the girls now has their own.)



Now for this week’s tasks…

To Do:

– Register for Creative Connection Conference in St. Paul! So excited to hear and meet Becky Higgins!

– Unpack two big bins of Office stuff

– Bring gift over to new neighbors

– Oil Change

– Meal Planning – Need to be better about having ingredients in the house for our meals.

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