Happy Halloween

Posted by on October 31, 2011

When it comes to Halloween, in this house, it is on the bottom of our favorites list. WHY?!?!

1. We hate scary

2. Orange….not a favorite color

3. Costumes….as a little girl I didn’t like dressing up (even though my mom
made us great costumes)

4. Candy is overrated in my book…. (chips please)

5. The insides of pumpkins are icky (Ellie agrees)

But we do celebrate. We don’t hide from the trick or treaters or boycott parties. We join in the merriment….pretty much because it is one
holiday closer to Christmas. (We are already listening to Christmas music at our house)


One part of Halloween that I enjoy is the idea of making costumes for my girls. For Halloweeen, Grace is a giraffe. An adorable costume that Ellie was given but never got to wear. This year I made a costume for Ellie. I decided that her pixie bob was perfect for Tinkerbell. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Tinkerbell costumes out there but ….. they aren’t very modest. I wanted to make one that was age appropriate, and had the potential to keep her warm lest it rain/snow/sleet. So I made one. I’m pretty proud of it. I was able to use a
tank top (it just so happened to be the perfect green) and sew the fabric to the tank. I used elastic to create the skirt and knotted the toule around the elastic band. The wings I purchased. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make wings that were more perfect.


As I stared at the finished product….I started to sense
something going around. (see #3 above) I had put in time and effort into this
costume and I was pretty proud of it. Would what came around…go around? My
mom made me an adorable witch costume (I was afaid of the hat), Princess (the
dress was itchy), Homer Hanky, Pumpkin, ghost, the list goes on and on….each
one was a fight to get me into. Would history repeat itself? Would Ellie refuse
to wear this fairy wonderland of a costume? She is two and half…she pretty
much can change her mind about anything at any moment for any reason.

Well, a few weeks ago, when I asked her to try it so I could adjust the waist and
make sure the skirt didn’t drag on the floor she instantly answered “No, too tight”. Oh boy. But after some “negotiations” she agreed.  But would she ever put it on again? We would find out.

On Saturday night our next door neighbors had a Halloween party  and pumpkin carving contest. I decided to start getting her into her costume 45 minutes before we had to leave…in case we had to ease into in stages. I was right. It took a while about 30 minutes.

But then….then she wanted to take it off. About 10 minutes after putting it on. Oh boy. I distracted her with a dance party. Then I distracted her with looking at Gracie in her costume. As we walked next door she wanted to take her wings off…..just a few. more. steps.  As we crossed their threshold she was wiggling out of her wings….and then….”fire truck” – Ella and Ryan had a toy fire truck and all of a sudden those wings were put to use as she flew to the new and exciting toy.
Crisis. Overted.


We had a wonderful time at the party and she wore her costume all night. We had a wonderful time and she has been talking about it all day. Here is our family picture from the night.

Today Ellie and dad carved the pumpkin. Ellie directed while dad cut. It turned out pretty cute. The black marks are where Ellie used a sharpie
to sketch out the plan.

Aren't you going to puree this?

Hopefully Ellie will play along with Mommy tonight and wear her
costume. I know Gracie will cooperate. Fingers Crossed.


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