{To Do List Tuesday} – 2.21.12

Posted by on February 21, 2012

That’s right! I’m back. You thought I forgot all about my blog didn’t you. Well I didn’t. I’m going to start out slow but I definately want to work blogging back into my world. I find it fun and relaxing. So here is the list

1. Take Clothing to Clothes Mentor
I recently discovered Clothes Mentor. I suffer from “I hate everything in my closet” virus…you know it. It can lead to “I have nothing to wear” disease. Well I happened upon Clothes Mentor and found some really nice things. I don’t usually do well in stores like that because you have to dig. I’m not good at digging. I’m a sucker for nice displays with outfits neatly put together that you can find in every size. But I found pieces I would never buy if they were full price and they were fun. So now I want to take some of the items I never wear and see if they would like to sell them. That is one thing on my list to do this week.

2. Take some other clothes to Arc as a donation.

3. Visit my favorite seamstress to hem some of my pants.

4. Finish the beautiful Save the Dates for my client Shannon. I can’t wait to send them her way.

5. Drop off some dry cleaning – oh and then remember to pick it up too.

6. Find a place that will develop some slides.
My mom dropped off some slides her uncle took of her as a little girl. I realized in looking at them up to the light that I had never seen photos of my mom as a little girl in color. I couldn’t believe how much she looked like Grace. As soon as I get these slide images back they will be making in back onto the blog.

7. Fold Tableclothes.
Seems easy….but they are rounds that I used at work, washed, and now I need to fold. They are just staring at me and I just look away and keep walking. I promise I will fold you.

That’s it. Did you miss me?

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