To Do list Thursday {03.01.12}

Posted by on March 1, 2012

I’m late. I know. It’s Thursday…I’ve moved on. As I write this I have two little girls “napping”. One is singing along to her mobile – that would be Gracie. The other is laughing….it’s fake laughing. I can tell she is pretending to be on the phone. I’m hoping by the end of this post their rooms will both be silent. (fingers crossed)

Items I completed last week:

1. Take Clothing to Clothes Mentor
2. Take some other clothes to Arc as a donation.
4. Finish the beautiful Save the Dates for my client Shannon. I can’t wait to send them her way.
5. Drop off some dry cleaning – oh and then remember to pick it up too.
6. Find a place that will develop some slides.
7. Fold Tableclothes.
Items I didn’t complete:

3. Visit my favorite seamstress to hem some of my pants.

Guess I’ll just have to add them to this week’s tasks:

1. Deliver/Finish making some VERY overdue baby gifts.
2. Finish Ellie’s Preschool Registration – Can you believe she is going to school next year?!
3. Make gift for our across the street neighbors.
I started this project back in September. Time to check it off the list.
4. Make wall hanging for Gracie’s room. It’s about time I start decorating her room. This little idea I’ve had in my head for a while. Time to get it out of my head and on the wall.
5. Last is business related: I’d like to put some digital photo designs on my etsy page. A customer/friend asked me to make one for her this week and it was so much fun. I’d like to put a few more up and see what happens. We’ll see….


What do you have on your to do list for the week?

(For the record…still small peeps coming from bedrooms…time to turn on my radio)

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