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Posted by on March 2, 2012

So I wasn’t very productive this winter…at least with my list of “to makes”. But I’m digging in. Spring and the sun have giving me a jump start onto my never ending list of tasks and projects.

We moved last June and we soon met the neighbors. We love them. Each one is fun and friendly. There are lots of kids in the area and it is really nice to have friendly faces in the streets and driveways of our neighborhood. We’re one of the last families to move into the neighborhood. The two houses across the street have finally been built since we’ve moved in and families are filling their walls. The neighbors directly across the street we connected with on one of their visits to the home site. When we met them they had two kids. They now have three (the adopted the same week they moved into the home – in November) and they are due with their fourth in May. They are a beautiful and fun family.

Back in September when we met I thought it would be nice to take snapshots of the progress of their home being built. Ellie was very interested in the progress and all the trucks and machines that were working hard on their home. I captured the progress in 14 different shots. I decided as a house warming gift I’d make it into a shutterfly book.  Well I finally finished the project late last night.

It wasn’t hard it was just sitting down and doing it. They have a lot more themes out there than they did when I made my last book. I did create my own date tags for each photo in Photoshop before uploading the photos. The book turned out nice. It is in production at Shutterfly. I’m excited to see it and the pass it on to them. It has been a big year for them – Built a new home – adoption – pregnancy and new baby. All good things. Such blessings.

Good neighbors are a blessing. We’ve really lucked out – in both of our homes we’ve had fabulous neighbors. You really can’t put a price on good neighbors.

You can view the project below:

Click here to view this photo book larger

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