Basil Lime Chicken – Pinned & Proven

Posted by on August 25, 2013


You had me at basil. We have a surplus of basil growing on the deck and I love using it. I searched pinterest specifically for a recipe that would use it. This is a good one.

The night we first try it was one of those nights we didn’t eat dinner as a family. Justin came home from work and needed to mow the lawn right away. I sat the kids down to eat, baths, and bed.  Then I got down to making dinner. I had prepped the chicken in the marinade during “quiet time”.

Sometimes Justin has to try very hard to be excited about a new recipe. He is a RPE (Recovering Picky Eater) and will politely ask for the ingredients over the first few bites. However with this recipe Justin came in from the yard raving of the wonderful smell coming from the grill. We both enjoyed this meal and can’t wait to try it again.

It was a delicious meal. I highly recommend.


Here is the link to the site of the original pin: Basil Lime Chicken

Here is a Ppdf (Pretty PDF) of the recipe: Basil Lime Chicken


What’s Pinned & Proven?

I love Pinterest…One of my favorite boards to pin on is “recipes” and I’ve even been known to try them from time to time. But are they proven? Some recipes have been pinned and repined by friends and friends of friends and become a Pinterest sensation and none of us have even tried it…it just looks good. So from time to time I’m going to post on a recipe I first pinned and then finally proved pin worthy.

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