Baked Penne – Pinned & Proven

Posted by on September 1, 2013


Is there anything better than a warm meal that you didn’t have to cook? I didn’t think so. One of our neighbors just had a beautiful baby boy. He is adorable and his parents are so incredibly blessed. They are in the throes of those first few weeks of parenthood but adjusting very well. Their family is from out of state and out of the states (Canada) so while they visited I thought I’d fix up a meal they could pop into the oven and call it done. I can’t imagine being home with a new baby and hosting out of town guests. But they have it under control.

It’s pretty much in the rule books that you don’t try a new recipe for the first time when you are bringing it to someone else. It supposed to be a nice gesture and new recipe can be a complete bomb. But…I live on the edge….

I did taste it before promising a meal and walking it over to their house. I paired it with a bag of salad and loaf of French bread. It’s yummy.

Later in the weekend I cooked it for my family. When Justin was snooping around for the ingredients I cleverly left out that it contained “cream cheese”. It’s on his list of ingredients he can just sense is in a dish even if he can’t taste it.  He loved the dish! And until now….or until he reads this… he won’t know that it contains cream cheese.

**Please note Justin will eat cream cheese if it is in a dessert. J

Along with the Pretty PDF I’ve also included directions in case you want to whip this up for someone in need of a warm meal.


Here is the link to the site of the original pin: Baked Penne


Here is a Ppdf (Pretty PDF) of the recipe: baked penne

Here is the Instruction cards to stick on the pan when bringing it to a friend. Baked penne instruction card

What’s Pinned & Proven?

I love Pinterest…One of my favorite boards to pin on is “recipes” and I’ve even been known to try them from time to time. But are they proven? Some recipes have been pinned and repined by friends and friends of friends and become a Pinterest sensation and none of us have even tried it…it just looks good. So from time to time I’m going to post on a recipe I first pinned and then finally proved pin worthy.


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