Unsettling Our Space – Master Bedroom – Part 2

Posted by on September 12, 2013








Believe it or not…this wall and dresser were bare. Ok, that is a lie. Usually there were piles of clothes on the dresser. But I now have styled and decorated area. It was a hard space to work with. It’s a very long wall and I didn’t know where to start…until I was posting photos for my mom’s birthday.

Back in June I was going through our wedding picts to find photos of my mom and me. It was her birthday and I wanted to post the photos of us that were taken at my wedding.

Surrounding the mother and daughter is a mirror. This mirror was donated to our church by my grandparents and placed in our parish’s bride’s room. It was my grandma and grandpa’s and when they moved out of their home no one in the family had a space for it. Well, I now have space.  I first made sure it was ok to un-donated the mirror and donate a replacement. Besides the backdrop of many of my favorite wedding prep photos this mirror plays a large role in my memories of Grandma and Grandpa’s house.Graphic1

My grandparents lived in a beautiful split level home designed by my Grandma. When you walked in the door, the stairs up led to open and sunny hallway landing. Hanging at the top of the stairs was this mirror. This mirror was what I glanced into at each hello and goodbye and I could see there arms wrapped around me. I would love to have this mirror in my home.

Once the mirror was placed by my wonderful husband and Father in law (It’s very heavy), I needed to style the dresser so that the dresser and mirror are “connected”. I needed height and so I bought these beautiful books from “FreeParking” on Etsy and placed a lamp from Target on them. The final piece I picked up was a chalkboard from JoAnn Fabrics.

I’ve seen many chalkboards on Pinterest that I like. There are a lot of beautiful designs and sayings out there. I picked one and finally sketched it onto the board. I’ll write about it soon.

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