From to Just Right

Posted by on October 3, 2013

photo 1

My first plan was all wrong. I thought about it for months and then when I got right down to make it…fail!

 photo 2

So I headed to plan B, which didn’t include any of the original supplies – so basically scratch!

  1. Laid out the plan on the wall
  2. Purchased wood: 3 3.5” x 36” boards
  3. Paint. I used the left over paint our builder left from Gracie’s room (before I repainted it).
  4. Sand and Polishphoto 3
  5. Measure out and screw in twill ribbon
  6. Tie on hooks (these were unused from one of my curtain rods)
  7. Attach hangersphoto 4
  8. TaDa!


I’m using it to hang the art work the girls make…how do you display your child’s art work?

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