Book Crates for Grace

Posted by on October 8, 2013

Gracie’s bedroom has sat undecorated since we moved in. Poor girl had her room painted and then…nothing.

It’s time to work on Grace’s room.

I’ve been gathering ideas for two years and I’ve finally settled on a few details. One must was book shelves. I had a hard time finding a ready-made shelf that I liked. So I hit up pinterest and found a lot of good options. I found a look I liked and started mapping out the room.

photo 1

Child and dog were included to show scale. :)

I ordered six crates on (free shipping!). Once they arrived I stained them. In order to create a weathered look I first hosed down each crate, then I applied the stain. I wiped it off right away.

photo 2

Once dry it was time to plan their place on the wall. Each crate was different with base planks attached at different angles. To make sure they hung straight on the wall I traced the base planks and placed the top edge flat against the top of the piece of paper. I then used each of these sheets of paper to hang on the wall and make sure I got the vertical and horizontal alignment correct.

photo 3

I marked the nail holes and in call cases they weren’t in a straight line because of the crooked planks.

photo 1

The finished product came together nicely. I’m very happy with it. I have a lot more plans for Grace’s room. But for now I should style those shelves.

photo 2photo

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