Olivia’s First Birthday

Olivia's First Birthday
Posted by on March 28, 2011

When I was pregnant with Ellie two of my best friends were also pregnant. Brady was born on 3/10. Olivia was born on 3/24. And Ellie took her sweet time and arrived on 5/4. Both Brady and Olivia have older siblings. It has been fun watching these three grow together. It is also nice for me to see what new activities are just around the corner by watching and listening to Brady and Olivia stories.

When the first birthdays came around last spring it was a very exciting time. Olivia’s birthday had a spring theme. In Minnesota we start dreaming of spring in mid-February (January first if we are really being honest).  Tara and I designed a spring invite for her party and it was fun to get together and make these invites while the kids played.


The grass in the invite was cut from a grass Hawaiian skirt. The invite reads “Olivia is Turning One – spring has sprung, and bees are humming! We’re having a party and we hope you’re coming!”

Tara threw a great party as unusual – Big tissue paper flowers, flower headbands as favors, and delicious food.

Ellie watching in awe as Olivia opens presents with Theo’s help.

As a gift I made a photo hanging for her bedroom. Everything I used I already had in my crafting collection. (This should impress Justin – or maybe worry him with the depth of my supply) It is always fun to shop for new things for a project but there is always a great sense of pride in knowing you’re making the most of your money, creativity and leftovers too. The following supplies were used:
– Extra sheets removed from Pottery Barn photo album
– Pink baby hanger
– Buttons
– Ribbon
– Various paper scraps
– Photos of Olivia from her first year (because I made the hanging in an album sheet the photos can easily be removed and replaced with more recent photos)

We recently celebrated Olivia’s second birthday (Wow are these kids growing up too fast!) I was sad I couldn’t hoard in on the planning because of work commitments and third trimester pregnancy exhaustion. It was a great party. Olivia picked a Mickey’s club house theme. Tara was able to find great ideas on the web and great products on Etsy that were the finishing touches. Here are pictures of the Mouseketeers.

Happy Birthday Olivia!

2 Responses to Olivia’s First Birthday

  1. Elise

    Terry – so sweet!! Looking at the middle picture of the Mouseketeers, I did a double take thinking it was the picture of all of us cousins with the Donald Duck shirts at Grandma & Grandpa’s! Good memories!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ter

    Oh My! You are so right. I didn’t think of that but I know exactly what photo you are talking about. Now I must find that photo and compare side by side. :) Great memories.

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