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One of my favorite types of projects to work on…although very overwhelming too…are weddings. I love expanding on a theme and creating cohesive pieces that celebrate very special people, making a very special commitment. The first wedding I ever worked on where I created the design for the item was my friend Sandy’s. I had worked since a young girl as an assembly line worker filling favors with chocolates, folding programs and tying bows. This time I was the foreman!

Most of the planning had been done by the time we had reunited after college but I did get to take part in this small way and it was big fun. I created the place cards for the wedding.

Heart punches, wire, beads, vellum – the project looks simple compared to the other’s I’ve done (ahem, Sarah’s sewn invites) but it was creative at the time. So much has changed in paper crafting in eight years. Eight years?!? Sandy and Ryan have been married for 8 years this May – holy cow!

I remember staying up late to create a template that could be used to line up the names in the punch. I was pretty good at eye balling it but when you are depending on others helping in your assembly line it is better to have all the tools you need to help them be successful.

Project: “Sandy”
Date: 5/2003

Ryan and Sandy had a beautiful wedding at St. Thomas where we all met (but the day wasn’t as much about me meeting them there). I was so glad I could be a part of it.

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    Gday everyone! I’m trying to think about some amazing Disney/Florida inspired party favors for my readers.

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