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As far as bridal and baby showers go Sandy, Tara, Erin and I have the planning down to an art. We’ve planned five showers total together (always just three of us while the fourth is the guest of honor.)

Our shower checklist includes:

–          Invite

–          Food (Most important)

–          Games (if desired by the guest of honor)

–          Location

–          Favors

We all know where we fit in and once a theme has been established it is always a blast.

I’ll be sure to show case all the showers but I wanted to start with the last one we hosted.

Project: “Erin”
Date: 8/2009

Erin’s bridal shower was thrown in August of 2009. I was a new mom with a three month old just returning to work (me not the three month old). Both Tara and Sandy had 2 year olds and 5 month olds. This definitely changed the normal formula for planning a shower. Usually we could plan and scheme for hours over happy hour, the phone, email and shopping trips. This shower was planned with midnight feeding text messages, very busy play dates and cryptic emails. We still had a blast and we were thrilled that Erin was FINALLY getting married.

The food was delicious – various appetizers (all Erin’s favorites) and Tara’s beautiful porch and backyard were the perfect summer shower setting.

We have one more shower to plan in the group. Erin’s baby shower…when will that be Erin? I guess after that we will have to wait until Maggie, Theo, Brady, Olivia, Ellie or mysterious baby in my belly get married. Unless, we move on to graduation open houses…I think our checklist could easily transfer over.

I better start researching now.

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  1. Sandy

    Love this post! Love all of them actually, but love the ones that talk about all the fun things we’ve done (and still have yet to do). Love that you are still blogging regularly too!

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