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Checking her calendar while she chats on the phone.
Posted by on March 31, 2011

Our daughter Ellie is a very, very verbal child. She loves to talk on the phone. She calls her grandparents and can chat with them all day long. When the phone rings she races to answer it. Justin and I can often be found running after her saying “Let mommy talk to Grandma.” Although verbal, Ellie’s first language is not English. It is more of a Russian, Vietnamese combination – her own dialect (Ellie-ese). When she is talking you can tell by her expression that she is asking questions, she shows emotion, motions with her arms and even laughs at her own Ellie-ese spoken jokes. This has been going on for months. Each month we gather the meaning for a few more of her words. Some words convert perfectly between English and Ellie-ese (ball, dad, no, Mama, Paw, dog, woa, hi, yea)…others…not so much.

“p” = pacifier


“tee”= teeth

Here is some audio I recorded of her talking on my cell phone on the way to Grandpa Rick’s. This was recorded in December.

A Phone Conversation in Ellie-ese

Well, just in time for her debut as big sister Ellie said two, two syllable words last week- “Apple and Baby”. We were thrilled and ask her to repeat them to the point where she has now learned how to roll her eyes in disgust.  It’s funny both of these words kind of have a French accent to them. Take a listen.

Baby Apple

With less than a week until the baby arrives Justin and I haven’t finalized our names. I’m wondering if Ellie is throwing in the suggestion of “Apple”. It is only slightly better than her suggesting “no no no”.

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