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Posted by on April 27, 2011

In 2002, while visiting Sarah in New York I picked up a magazine that featured layouts and sketches by Becky Higgins. As I sipped coffee and flipped through the magazine it became clear that I had found my creative guru. Becky Higgins is way more than a scrapbooker. She is a designer, photographer, inspirational mother, to do list lover and much more. I visit Becky’s blog each day. She has an amazing product called “Project Life”…I’m seriously considering investing money and time into using.

On a recent visit to her website I found this entry that included this downloadable quote.

I’ve pasted the portion of her entry that included the meaning of the quote. If you are in a hurry you must read this part. If you have more time visit her site to see the whole entry.

When you think deeply about what this means, it completely changes the way you view every little activity you engage in with a loved one. Going on a date with your spouse, playing a game with your child, talking on the phone with your sister … these are obviously relationship-strengthening things. But think about the little, everyday, mundane stuff.

Think about working on homework with your child. Yes, the purpose is to help her excel. But the purpose is also to strengthen your relationship with her. And when you think about that, well … you become more patient, more encouraging, more engaging, more interested in making this a happy memory for her.

Think about making dinner with your husband. Yes, the purpose is to put food on the table for your family. But when you consider that another important purpose is to strengthen your relationship with him, you find yourself feeling kinder, more apt to ask him about his day and listen intently while preparing food together.

Think about paying bills.

Okay, never mind. But seriously — This line really does affect the way you feel about a task and how you feel about the person you’re doing it with.

Checklists are fantastic. Relationships are more important.

As I change diapers, fill sippy cups, write thank you notes, prep dinner, fold laundry and narrarate our day to my daughters I now think about how it isn’t about their bottoms, thirst, hunger, etc…its about our relationship. And now those mindless tasks take on a whole new importance.

2 Responses to It’s all about Building

  1. mom

    love it,love you!

  2. Sandy

    Love it too! Wow, I love reading these – they provide so much thought, insight, and really make me reflect! Thanks for blogging Ter! Love you!

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