{To Do List Tuesday – 4.26.11}

Posted by on April 27, 2011

This week:

Clean refrigerator
Rake garden
Paper work for the Realtor
Make dinners to go for the administrative team
Clean microwave
Make appt for haircut
Make ellies bday arrangements
Make checklist/plan for prepping house for a viewing/open house
Tidy up Garage

Accomplished this week:

Well I didn’t do as well as I hoped. Looking back at last week’s list I didn’t accomplish 3 items (70% successful- grade C-)
– rake garden (i couldn’t reach the rake in the shed)
– clean refrigerator (I just can’t seem to find the perfect time to unload each item with a toddler at my hip)
– nap or rest each day (I really can’t complain though. Grace is a good sleeper.)

However, I did accomplish a few things that weren’t on the list…
– trimmed bushes out front
– made fruit salad for Easter
– took Grace to the doctor
– prepped hose for listing

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