{Friday Favorites}-Foss Swim School

Posted by on April 29, 2011

Growing up my brother and I had to take swimming lessons every summer at the Richfield pool. Our mother never learned to swim and made sure the same didn’t happen to us. Each summer she enrolled us and even had us repeat the final level we completed the summer before just to be sure our skills didn’t freeze over the winter. When it comes to water safety you can never exercise too much caution.

For Ellie’s first Christmas my parents bought her swimming lessons at Foss Swim School. All three of us instantly fell in love. The teachers are amazing, the songs are catchy (this is the way we wash our cheeks, wash our cheeks, wash our cheeks), the skills are challenging yet practiced in a comfortable and safe setting. Ellie loves swimming and we owe that to Foss (and my parents).

I won’t lie…the lessons are pricy especially when compared to community Ed. But they are totally worth it. Those who have heard our experience and enrolled are hooked.

I’d bet my monkey Cheeks you’d agree!

2 Responses to {Friday Favorites}-Foss Swim School

  1. Sandy

    Foss is a Friday Favorite of mine too! Thanks Ter for introducing us to them! Maggie has passed two levels in a row now, so she’s on a roll!

  2. FOSS

    Way to go Ellie!! She’s on her way to acquiring a lifelong skill and we couldn’t be more proud of being a part of that. Thank you for the kind words. It’s great to read about parents (and grandparents) who share in our commitment to teaching kids to swim.

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