An Organizers Dream…

Posted by on May 25, 2011

Well it looks like a move is in our future. We are waiting on all pieces of the buying selling puzzle to fall into place and then my organizing brain can go into overdrive. Let’s be honest…it already is in overdrive.

I’m having visions of color coordinating, labeling and photos…lots and lots of photos. As I’ve been calling on estimates for movers I’ve been asking them “what tips do you have on making this move successful and organized?”, “what could I do to make it easiest on the movers?”.  I really can’t wait to get a green light to start packing. I’m sure 7 posts from now I’ll be moaning and groaning and asking for another “free pass” on blogging. But right now…at this moment….my body is itching to start.

This probably sound crazy to some of you…and others…you know what I’m talking about. Justin is very pleased that I am looking forward to this process. He is overwhelmed by it. This only gives me more drive. The projects that give me a chance to organized make me happy, the ones that also can take a load off of someone I love…those make me estatic.  I’m sure I’ll be filling you in on some of the ways I plan on organizing this move. For now….I must go start making my list.

I think I’ll start with making a list of the lists I’ll have to make.

Do you think this is sickness?

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