“Ahhhh….two”: Favors

Posted by on June 6, 2011

Welcome to Ellie’s second birthday recap!

DAY FOUR: favors

Every party needs a theme!

In case you fear I am completely crazy it must be noted that these birthday favors were entirely completed before 4.5.2011 otherwise noted as the day I became a mother of two.

The ideas was that each kid would leave with materials to become an author of their own book. The kids invited although close in age have varying abilities. I decided to go with a color book. (not coloring, color).

I cutesy-ed up a plain white folder.

Inside the folder I included

–          a magazine (one of the many I’ve paged through and feel horrible just recycling) – of course I needed to make that a little cuter.

–          A glue stick (it too wasn’t cute enough). I printed labels of the image I used on the invites and a quote. The quote: “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read” – I knew it would be over the kids head but I found it hilarious!

–          A bound book. This is where I got creative. I cut apart photo album sheets that were left over from my pottery barn albums. I used these plastic sheets as the book cover. I cut cardstock and folded it for the inside pages. I punched holes in the folded parts and sewed the book together. In the front cover I added a title page and on each of the inside pages I labeled them with a color.

The package included the following note…

Ellie loves a good book. Good books are written by great authors and illustrators.
Become a great author and create your very own color book.  Use the materials provided to fill the book with letters and photos that create color coordinated pages.  

Thanks for coming to our party!

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