{ To Do List Tuesday } – 5.31.11

Posted by on May 31, 2011

This week:

  1. Grace’s birth announcements. I will not be defeated
  2. Finish Gloria’s birthday gift
  3. Make a final decision about a moving company.
  4. Continue to take photos of the girls and our document our daily life together
  5. Pack/Clean/Organize the laundry room and garage for packing
  6. Pack Family Room
  7. Pack Bathroom

So…I wasn’t blogging…what the heck was I up to…

And…just in case you are checking in to see how I am doing on the list from last week…

  1. Grace’s birth announcements: Ok, this is just becoming embarrassing. I want to give up. Why? Why? Why? Did I choose such a time consuming announcement. I thought it would be easy….anytime I enlist the help of my sewing machine I add another element of difficulty. I have a love/hate relationship with that machine. I am pretty sure the feelings are mutual. I bet when it is on the shelf in my office it dreams of being owned by someone who really knows how to use it. Someone who would sew fabric instead of paper, someone who didn’t try to push its limits. Poor thing.
  2. I’ve created an inventory of our home and emailed them to three different moving companies. I’ve received estimates from two of them so far. There is a $1,000 difference. Now it is time to figure out exactly what services I will be losing by going with the less expensive company.
  3. I took tons of photos of both of the girls this week….want to see them….too late …I decided for you…
  4. I tried to get audio of Ellie saying how old she is… “Ahhhh….two”. But each time she just started pining for her friends…. “ohhhh…GoGo….ohhhh…GoGo….ohhhhh Rosie….Ohhhh Tan….Ohhhhh Mya….oohhhhh” . So I got that silliness recorded.
  5. Finished up the paper work. Check!
  6. Scheduled doctor appointments. Check!
  7. Still writing thank you notes.

What wasn’t on the list…
– Packing up the China, Dining room, Kitchen (except for essentials), downstairs bathroom
– Visit Justin’s grandma’s cemetery plot and Great Aunt Ceil
– Created a box inventory listing the items within each of the boxes I pack
– Created a diagram of the china buffet and new kitchen so placement of our packed goods will be easy to put away (even a dummy could do it)

As soon as I post this I’ll think of another huge item I accomplished during the week and need recognition for….

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