Ta Da! Grace Louise Braun

Posted by on June 16, 2011

As you know, we welcomed our second daughter into the world over two months ago!  These past weeks have gone at warp speed. (we have been busy with a thing or two J ) Grace Louise Braun was born on April 5th! We were thrilled to have another girl and Ellie couldn’t be more pleased to have a sister.  Grace is a wonderful baby. She has her own look and personality. Every once in a while a look will cross her gorgeous eyes and sweet face or a sound will come from her tiny mouth that brings me right back to Baby Ellie. Grace is dainty. At two months she measures the same length as Ellie but two pounds lighter. She has long and skinny arms and legs, tiny little wrists and piano playing fingers.

She is a good sleeper just like her sister and has been sleeping 7-10 hour stretches at night for the last couple weeks.  She is kind of on a schedule but I’m not as conscientious to follow it like I was with Ellie. As the second child I’m sad to say she is already getting the shaft.  She eats in regular intervals and naps in between but always in her car seat, bassinet or my arms as she tags along with Ellie and I. She is forced to fit her life into Ellie’s schedule (aren’t we all J ).  But she doesn’t seem to mind.  This is the closest thing she has gotten to a monthly update since she was born (oops) and she doesn’t have a scrapbook started for her (uh oh).

BUT – we did just buy her a new home. And she will soon have her own room that will get a nice coat of fresh paint as soon as we are settled (we are hoping before she starts school – kidding –kinda).

I’ll stop gushing about my little Gracie and show you her first of many handmade goods. I finally finished her announcements. As you may have read on my Tuesday posts they had been on my to do list for quite a while. I even purchased the materials before she was born anticipating the completion of this project may be a struggle. I hinted of the announcement weeks ago and that it was an announcement that wouldn’t use paper – except for the photograph and the envelope (well, then it does use paper Ter!). Ok, ok, ok.  My inspiration was a business card I found on one of the many blogs I check each week.

Since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl I bought the green fabric that was used in the announcement but then two different kinds of fabric for the reverse side, a girl version and a boy version. The boy version was a blue damask. The fabric I used was a nice sturdy fabric used for outdoor furniture.

This announcement had just as many steps as a paper version:

  1. Cut fabric to size.
  2. Print wording on iron on paper (remember to mirror the image)
  3. Design and print the photo of Grace
  4. Cut wording out
  5. Cut photos
  6. Sew fabric – all four sides
  7. Trim fabric
  8. Iron on announcement wording
  9. Pin on the photo
  10. Stuff, Seal, Stamp, Deliver

If I were to do it all over again (which I wouldn’t) – I would make the following changes…

One layer of fabric

I had lots of trouble of lining up the fabrics neatly. (yes, I tried straight pins)

Also I wouldn’t have had to use the sewing machine if I was only using one layer of fabric. However, I probably still would have so I could have the cute stitch marks. Darn them stitch marks.

If I still were to use two fabric layers

I wouldn’t worry about lining them up until the end. I spent a lot of time worrying about lining them up (actually I spent a lot of time procrastinating because of the lining up task). I didn’t have to worry about it since I did a final trim before stuffing them in envelopes.


I would have tried a rotary cutter. Has anyone ever used them? Do they really work? This would have made my life easier.

 Finally, I would have waited until I knew boy or girl

I feel the fabric doesn’t match Grace’s personality. I know that is silly to say…but she seems more a lavender girl than pink. That’s just me talking.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how they turned out.

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