Right on time

Posted by on June 29, 2011

Well, we are in the new house. I hope to have photos for you soon and stories of the move and settling process.

I found this on the web and couldn’t help but think of how very true it is.


You know so much has happened in the past three months…let’s take a look back….{flashback to March 24th…ok now we are going to zip through time making snapshots in our mind of the following big events that have occurred since then….try and keep up}

+ Decluttering home and staging it properly for when we put it on the market
+ Birth of Grace Lousie Braun!
+ Well Check ups
+ Easter
+ Put the house on the market
+ Ellie turns 2!
+ 14 showings
+ Grandma Elouise dies
+ 2 Offers on the house
+ Justin out of town on business for ten days
+ Fall in love with a house that isn’t for sale – put offer in on house – offer accepted! House is our home

It’s a good thing I was all hopped up on nesting hormones and Justin was panicking as he thought of adding another living, breathing, toy collecting child in our split level home when we sat down the realtor and set out a plan. But this was right on time.

Everything about that list would say…now is not the time to put your house on the market. New baby, two year old….oh and that doesn’t even mention that we are undergoing major changes in both of our workplaces. Lots of change…and yet this was right on time.

Our home was sold in 2.5 weeks. We found our dream home and made and offer on it and it wasn’t even on the market – who does that? Us!  – that’s who!

I bet some day we will look back and say “What were we thinking?” or “Oh, to be young again!”

Just in case you are reading this and admiring us for our energy and enthusiasm we face these adventures and take on more and more. Or…maybe you are disgusted and annoyed with the announcement making and box labeling on top of happiness of moving into our dream home.  Do not be! More than once each of us wanted to abandon the house selling ship (just never at the same time). And we are tired. Very. Very. Tired. Oh, and I have to remind myself to shower. See…we aren’t that cool or that annoying.


One Response to Right on time

  1. Jill

    Ok, so how did you get a house that wasn’t even on the market?!

    Love this graphic – so true!!

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