{To Do List Tuesday} – 6.28.11

Posted by on June 28, 2011

To do this week:

  1. Unpack all remaining boxes
    An exception to this is the dining room. We don’t have any china serving events on the calendar at this time so it is a low priority (maybe next week)
  2. Make a decision and plan on window treatments
    We have 4 different appointments for bids this week – I am guessing the neighbors want to see less of us as much as we want them to see less of us.
  3. Research drapery hardware.
    One of the items I priced out was sheers and curtain panels for our family room. The room has big beautiful windows. I don’t want to weight them down with blinds that would likely never move and just collect dust. I picked out fabrics with one of the designers. The hardware was extremely expensive. I know I can find cheaper. I believe in good fabric and I know that is expensive but as a short person I won’t be looking too close at the hardware and I think it is an area where we could save money.
  4. Grocery Trip
    I did a good job (maybe too good) consuming much of the food we had in the old house so we wouldn’t have to transport it. That has left us with little in the food department. So I need to make a sizeable trip to the grocery store. I love grocery shopping but the thought of walking into a store that I don’t know the aisle and product placement is a little overwhelming. To be honest, I’ve been putting it off. However, I can’t find the ketchup I know we have packed somewhere…so until I find that…I need to get to the grocery store. That is why it is on my to do list.
  5. Target Trip
    I need a good child-less Target trip to gather some of the items to finish/organize areas: bathroom wastebaskets, bathroom rugs, etc. This trip needs to be child-less so I can really browse the colors and selection instead of grabbing any random bowl like product that can hold used tissues in our powder bath.

That’s it…simple…sizeable and I think doable – if I make use of nap time and bedtimes. Let’s go get ‘em!

Update on last week:

In the craziness of the week there wasn’t a “To Do List Tuesday”. But I’d like to still give myself a round of applause for a busy and productive week. I must have gotten everything on the list done because I am residing in a new home (have I mentioned it is my dream home – just a few times…oh, sorry) and all of our possession are with us. Most out of boxes in generally the right room if not the right spot.  Just a few more boxes! I can do it…then the fun part: organizing and labeling. EEK! I can’t wait.

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