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Home Sweet Home
Posted by on July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Wow…we’ve been busy. A little over a week ago we closed on the houses (very stressful) and moved (very smooth). I would HIGHLY recommend “Two Men and a Truck” for moving services they were very professional, hardworking, respectful and actually fun. It was a great experience.

Here is what the garage and basement at our old house looked like with all our belongings all packed up.

Basement Mountain

Garage Mountain


Here is a sneak peek at how our kitchen progressed from empty room (from our closing on Friday morning) to finishing unpacking all our kitchen boxes and moving in to our beautiful new kitchen.

6.24 Morning of the Move 10:45 AM
  6.25 Lots of unpacking to do 10:45 AM
  6.26 Making Progress 10:45 AM

  6.27 All moved in 10:45 AM

Now the organizing begins…

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