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Posted by on July 6, 2011

The newest words to join Ellie’s English vocabulary are “Thank you”. I am quite excited and proud that she knows these two words. She knows to say “please” first (Pah) and then “thank you” (gank gu) when she gets what she has asked for. So she knows how to use the words properly but she also walks around and says it over and over.  But there are worse things a two year old can walk around repeating…right?

I love saying thank you too. I have to admit that writing thank you notes is one of my favorite things. But right now, I am oh so far behind.

My Mom & Dad | Thank you for watching the girls several time during the packing process. Thank you for watching the girls on moving day and overnight. Thank you for the 136 boxes and 6 rolls of shipping tape.

Justin’s Mom & Dad| Thank you for building us the most beautiful king size bed. It is GORGEOUS! Thank you for supervising the movers at our old house and following them to the new house.

The Folks at Lennar | Lennar is our builder. Everyone we worked with there was AMAZING. A special shout out to Jeremy. This man warmly welcomed us during countless visits to the house in the weeks before our move. He answered countless questions. He even went above and beyond and went shopping for a vinyl wall decal for our mudroom. Jeremy is AWESOME!

Rick our Realtor | He did a great job in guiding us through this process. He made us a list of items to fix at our old house. He marketed our home well by hiring a professional photographer to take amazing pictures of our place. He took us on a tour of potential homes and listened to our hopes and dreams that led us to this great house.

Our Lender | Thank you for the money. J Thank you for being so organized, friendly and making this experience less stressful.

Six Men and Two Trucks | Wow! Thank you to the workers from “Two Men and a Truck”. They were awesome. They worked very hard. They cleared out our home in 1 hour and 45 minutes. And even with an hour where they couldn’t work because our closing was a delayed they still finished an hour early. It was so nice that after a mentally and emotionally exhausting day of walkthroughs and closings we didn’t have to lift, haul, load and unload our items.

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