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Mudrooms…they are a beautiful thing. A designated area for shoes, bags and other transient materials. We have one in our house now and it is wonderful. I wasn’t going to show you photos because I haven’t decorated the area yet. But I know that some of you skim the words and just look for photos and this way you can see some transformation in the house.

Here is our mudroom and my plans….

From our mudroom we have a huge walk in closet and a powder bath. The walk in closet is great for our jackets and coats, cleaning supplies, dog food, but also for storing those items that we always wanted to buy in bulk from Costco but had no idea where to store (paper towels, toilet paper, etc). Ok, so we did still buy those items we just broke them into more palatable portions and shoved in random cabinets, above the fridge and in the laundry room.

So here is a project I literally hijacked. Sitting at the Eden Prairie indoor park my good friend Sarah (she’s like my Gayle, or maybe I’m her Gayle…you know if either of us were Oprah) and she was telling me about these tags she found on cute bins at HomeGoods. She wanted tags like this for the bins in her beautiful mudroom. She planned on buying fabric, taking it to the kiosk at the mall that does embroidery and then cut them into tags. “I can make them for you.” And this begins Somebody Else’s Project. This was 9 days before moving. (See how I was avoiding my to do list). I had packing and planning and preparing to do but I made a stop at Joann’s for the needed supplies and quick had a sample done by the next day.  I found the fabric in the remnants bin (Just $4) and combined two different chocolate browns (for dimension) embroidery floss.

Linen ready to become a tag

Template of the "S" made and placed on the linen

Trace the "S"

Fill in with Brown

Iron. Cut Cardboard oval for tag insert.

Use spray adhesive and then heat bonding ribbon to seal the two pieces of fabric around the cardboard oval.

Stitch around the cardboard and then cut with pinking shears.

They have now been delivered to Sarah. Once she has placed them I will post a picture. I can’t wait to get started on my mudroom décor and organization.

** This is the framed project I mentioned above by Becky Higgins

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