60 Years – What an inspiration!

Posted by on August 22, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa were the ever example of Love. Many of my
memories of them together involve smiling and sneaking kisses from each other. This
doesn’t mean they didn’t disagree, they are both very opinionated. But they
could always agree on their love and respect for each other. Grandma was known
for being able to silence Grandpa in one word, “Rollie”.  And Grandpa could melt Grandma’s stern
expression with three little words “She’s my honey.”

When Justin finally proposed after 6 years of dating we picked a
date in September. September is also Grandma and Grandpa’s anniversary month.
And the year we got married they celebrated their 60th
anniversary.  We decided to share the
weekend with them and the day after our wedding Grandma and Grandpa renewed
their vows and hosted a party to celebrate their model marriage.

I was very happy to create this invite for their anniversary


One of the last times I was with both Grandma and Grandpa before
Grandma died was when Grandma was in the hospital. I came to visit and then
give Grandpa a ride back to the apartment.
During the visit Grandma was in and out of sleep but we did have a
chance to talk about the date of my C-section and the excitement for our next
child. When it was time to bring Grandpa back to the apartment I witnessed one
of their sweet goodbyes.  After Grandpa
leaned in for a kiss Grandma said “Let’s
get married.”

This wasn’t a confused comment caused by her dementia. This was an
example of how Grandma and Grandpa talked to each other. This is how they said
I love you. I love you so much I’d start this wonderful journey over and over
again without making any adjustments.

So…what was Grandpa’s response….. “That’s a great idea!”


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