Showering Katie

Posted by on August 17, 2011

I was raised Catholic and spent preschool – college in Catholic Schools. Then I graduated and I’ve worked in Catholic schools for the last nine years. I have very few friends who aren’t Catholic and many of my friends are church friends. I’ve belonged to the same parish my whole life. Church of St. Peter in Richfield. Each Sunday we drive past at least five Catholic Churches on our way into Richfield. I’m so blessed that Justin wishes to belong to my home parish.  He really has gotten to know many of the friends I’ve had my whole life.

Each Sunday it seems we have a conversation that goes something along these lines…

Justin:  “Who is that?”

Me: ” That is so and so, their daughter so and so was in my brothers class and son was in my class. Their wife was sponsored by my dad in R.C.I.A. and they live by so and so.”

The Johanns family is one of the church families that I feel I’ve known my whole life because I really have. My mom co-hosted a shower for their daughter Katie and I was able to make the invites. This was my first attempted at digital work. The front of this invite was created with digital elements.



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