Wall for Baby E

fly wall gray wall polka wall William wallToday I’ve been day dreaming of a wall for Baby E. One of my best friends has let me participate in the designing of some wall art for her adorable son’s room. These pieces will then be available in the shop. I’ve got some ideas in my head and I’m being inspired by these rooms I found on Pinterest. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work.


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One Pot Tomato Basil Pasta – Very First Pinned & Proven Post

I love Pinterest…I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t. I have friends that overwhelmed with it. I have friends that use it as a search engine instead of a filing system. I even have friends who don’t know about it or don’t get it. But no one says “I hate Pinterest”…right. Ok, maybe I heard that once but it was followed with “I was up all night pinning.” So that isn’t hate…that is an overdose of love.

Anyways. One of my favorite boards to pin on is “recipes” and I’ve even been known to try them from time to time. But are they proven? Some recipes have been pinned and repined by friends and friends of friends and become a Pinterest sensation and none of us have even tried it…it just looks good. So from time to time I’m going to post on a recipe I first pinned and then finally proved pin worthy.


tomatobasilpastaThis may be my very favorite recipe I’ve pinned so far. You put tomato and basil in the title of any recipe and it is going to be pinned by this gal. In one week I made it twice. (in the company of different folks) The first time I made it was for my family. My husband is a recovering picky eater (RPE) so sometimes he needs to be reminded what he may like about a meal and encouraged about how far he has come. I made it the first time and it was a little spicy (Red Pepper Flakes) so in my version of the recipe I’ve reduced it to a pinch. I also didn’t have vegetable broth so I used chicken broth. (It tasted just as good.)

The second time I didn’t really make it, I suggested my friends make it when we went to visit brand new baby Easton and his beautiful mother.  My friend Tara did a great job and it tasted wonderful especially surrounded by such great friends.

What I love about this dish: One pot – very easy clean up. It’s hearty even for RPE who raise an eyebrow at a meal without meat outside the confines of Lent. It is also dairy free (if you don’t garnish with parmesan – I don’t know why you wouldn’t unless you couldn’t)


Here is the link to the site of the original pin: One Pot Wonder

Here is a Ppdf (Pretty PDF) of the recipe: One Pot Tomato Basil Pasta


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Unsettling Our Space – Master Bedroom

Over two years in our home and sometimes I feel like we are still just getting settled.

Wait that’s wrong.

We are totally settled. We just got so busy cuddling into our couch, filling up all our closet space, and spreading our toys, germs and freezies with the neighbors that we forgot to make each room our own. When we moved in we (ahem I – I would never give up control of the decorating) quickly and easily moved the decor, furniture and belongings from our old home into our new. We didn’t really buy much (Justin would probably disagree) we just re-placed our items. I was tired and back at work and unsure as to where I wanted to go with each of the rooms. There was this whole issue of each item I had in mind became a “project” – something that needed to be made, painted, tweaked, personalized…yadda…yadda…yadda. Sometimes I exhaust myself.

The settling and the indecisiveness left many rooms bare. It’s starting to get to me. One of these spaces is our Master Bedroom. We have 3 very large walls in our bedroom. Until March not one nail hole had been placed in those walls. That had to change.

Over spring break I hung some floating museum frames that I got from Target. The alignment was tough but they turned out nice.





5 months later and they still hang without any of our photos in them….soon….very soon.

To be continued….

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Somebody Else’s Project CONTEST: Back to School

Win a personalized stamp for your favorite teacher!

Step 1: Enter by commenting on the contest post within Facebook with the name of your favorite teacher (tag him/her for an extra entry)

Step 2: Share! Like! And Tweet out this post! (each is worth one entry into the contest – come on…it’s worth it!)
The winner will be done announced on August 19th…with plenty of time to gift wrap for the first day of school.

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